You Can Make a Living As a Part-Time Freelance Writer

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Content is Still King and Here’s Why

There’s a big opportunity to make a living as an online freelance writer. In fact, the entire gig economy is projected to grow up to 80% by 2030.

1. Businesses Need Content

More and more small business are opening shop online. And with the need to be online, businesses are scrambling to fill their websites with content.

2. Businesses Need Blogs

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3. Online Writing is Profitable

Did you know that there are entrepreneurs and businesses that will spend hundreds — even thousands — of dollars for content?

You Are Not a Cheap Commodity

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What You Need to Do

One of the first things to do to make a living as a freelance writer is to decide on a rate you want to charge for your freelance writing services. This could be your end rate or your starting rate. I suggest you have a range of rates. For example, your rate is between $.10-.20/word.

Elna Cain is a freelance writer for hire, consultant, & a mom to twins. She mentors new writers on her award-winning freelance writing blog

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