Write for Parenting Magazines and Get Paid As a Beginner

Elna Cain
3 min readApr 28, 2020
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Being a digital marketing writer from home has been an amazing experience, but I know the niche is not for everyone.

I know not everyone gets as excited about lead generation tactics as I do. That’s the beauty of freelance writing — there are so many writing niches and topics to write in!

I had the fun opportunity of talking with Carrie Madormo. Carrie is an expert parent freelance writer and has even been featured on Working Mother. She is a goldmine of knowledge for breaking into the parenting niche.

Was the Parenting Niche Hard to Break Into?

It wasn’t, because I really broke into it by accident!

When I launched my freelance writing career, I was a new mom working full-time as a nurse.

I wasn’t sure what my niche should be, so pursued health and medical writing. From there, I launched a healthy food blog and started pitching myself as a kid-friendly recipe developer. My parenting writing took off from there!

How Did You Score Your First Freelance Writing Client?

I landed my first parenting writing client with a cold pitch!

I emailed the editor of our local parenting magazine offering to develop family-friendly recipes with a Midwestern flair (I’m in Milwaukee).

She loved the local feel and after meeting for coffee, offered me my own recipe column.

Even with that column, I didn’t see myself as a parenting writer until I started writing articles for them. I found that writing about parenting was so much easier and more fun than medical writing and kept going.

What Advice Would You Give to New Freelance Writers Wanting to Break into the Parenting Niche?

Use your experience! If you are a parent or have experience with children, then you are more than qualified to be a parenting writer.

I think we often hold ourselves back, because we downplay our own value. Own your expertise.

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