When You’re a Writer and All You Hear is ChatGPT and AI

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Elna Cain
3 min readMay 26


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I’ve been on the pulse of AI writing and ChatGPT. I even have a course for writers to help them know and use Jasper AI!

I use AI writing for my niche sites and to help me with writer’s block and idea generation.

But, lately, I’ve been hearing more about how ChatGPT is taking jobs away from content writers.

It’s sad that these companies are doing this and it’s not content mill type of companies. It’s big brands and publications like Buzzfeed.

What is a content writer to do?

Throw in the towel?

Beat AI instead?

Or just go with it?

Me? I’m doing the wait and see approach.

I’m using AI writing tools and becoming familiar with prompt engineering. I’m also editing the crap outta ChatGPT content as I feel it’s over written and fluffy still.

But, today is too much. Today I saw this:

What I saw on Twitter

Wtf? Writers are dropping like flies.

So instead of fighting with AI and ChatGPT, I’m going to have it make me feel better about my writing.

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