End the Year Strong with My Q4 Profit Strategies for Bloggers

Q4 is when most bloggers make the MOST money

Elna Cain


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Are you ready for the last quarter of the year?

This is Q4 for us bloggers and do you know what that means?

It’s considered the quarter where bloggers can make the MOST money.

Many bloggers actually make ALL their income in this last quarter.

It’s that profitable.

Do you want a slice of that pie?

Over the years as a blogger, I’ve learned how to leverage Q4 to make more money.

I usually release courses during this time and create a lot of evergreen content for more traffic and places for my affiliate links.

But, if this is your first Black Friday frenzy as a blogger, then let’s look at how you can take advantage of entire last quarter so that when Black Friday rolls around, you are making sales.

In this guide, I will share with you how blog traffic changes season to season, my 13-week traffic and income plan, what to do the week before Black Friday and a converting Black Friday launch plan.

Are you ready?

I have never shared any of this information on my blog or courses before!

How Blog Traffic Changes Seasonally

For many bloggers the graph above is typical of traffic throughout the year. The only exceptions are high domain authoritative brands, businesses and blogs that cater to spring and summer like wedding blogs and travel blogs.

Their blog traffic is the opposite, with high traffic months during the spring and summer and low during the winter and new year.

Q1: Jan 1- March 31

The results of blogging you did in December will pay off in January the most. You will see an increase in pageviews and sales if you followed my blog traffic recipe.



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