The Important Lessons I Learned As a Mom Blogger

It’s my blogiversary

Elna Cain
7 min readApr 8


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In March 2016 I published my first blog post on my site, Twins Mommy.

It was my first time writing as a mom of twins and working from home because on my other blog it was all professional and I couldn’t really talk about my life at home.

That is the reason why I started blogging on Twins Mommy — I wanted to connect with other work at home moms.

And after all these years, I’m humbled by all the amazing mama’s out there blogging away!

I’m not going to say that my journey was easy.

I made many mistakes, had some tiffs with other bloggers and got hit with many algo updates.

But, I’m still here!

I’m still making a living as a mom blogger.

That’s why I wanted to share some important lessons I learned as a blogger.

Let’s get to this!

1. Branding Is More Important Than Blogging

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With the explosion of AI writing tools like Jasper and ChatGPT, I’m sure you’re seeing more and more generic blog posts, right?

No originality or personality.

This is going to happen and if you truly want to have a successful blog that makes six or seven figures a year, you’re going to have to create a strong brand.

Sure, there are niche websites that don’t have an About Me page showing a person’s face and they can still make good income every month.

But, I’m pretty sure that isn’t their ONLY website. These niche bloggers have multiple sites.

If you DON’T want to have a portfolio of 5–6 websites or have to pump out five blog posts a day (even if you do have a subscription to Jasper AI), then you NEED to have a stellar brand.

Plus, people remember the person behind the blog, not the blog.

Some simple ways to brand your blog:

  • Create a cohesive color scheme



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