My 2021 Writing Goals

learn what a freelance writer & blogger is doing for 2021

Over on my Youtube channel, I shared my writing goals and was surprised by how many encouraged me to accomplish them, but particularly one writing goal I “threw” out in the ethers of a Youtube live discussion.

I’ve been freelance writing and blogging since 2014, and I know over the years I’ve improved my writing skills and knowledge within my niche. I’ve even ventured out of my writing niche to learn new topics and new industries. While I didn’t create business goals (as these are carried over from 2020 still), I did want to focus on my skill as a writer.

How to Set Goals Realistically

The goals I create and hope to accomplish are generally set realistically. This means I create a goal I can achieve and I break down the goal into actionable steps. Now, I don’t always do this for all my goals, just the ones I accomplish! How do you do this? Let’s say you pick to “make $2,000/month from my freelance writing” as a goal.

You can break down this goal by doing the following:

  • Niche down to one main industry
  • Offer a premium service like email sequences or white papers
  • Optimize writing pitch for cold emailing
  • Gather a list of leads to pitch to
  • Create a pitching process to pitch daily

So, what are my writing goals for 2021?

1. Write 3,000 Words Per Day

I own several sites, several Facebook groups, and several email lists. In a typical day, I probably write more than 3k words, but I wanted to be intentional with my writing, and that means hitting a goal every day.

This will push me to get out of my comfort zone — like never publishing on Medium! — and write new things and on new platforms. Any writing qualifies as working on this goal. From writing scripts for Youtube videos to emails to blog posts and email responses, I’ll easily be able to accomplish this.

As an example, I can write one blog post for Twins Mommy of around 1,200 words, write one blog post for another site of 1,200 words, write one email that is around 500 words, and then write social media posts and email replies throughout the day to reach my daily writing goal.

2. Publish a Book (of some kind)

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a book of some kind. I have a lot of content on my blogs, so I can do something with that as a pre-step to publishing a book. What surprised me the most was that my audience encouraged me to do this and even publish a physical book.

This is a lofty goal of mine since I don’t identify with being an author, but as I said, I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. And I like the idea of calling myself an author :-)

3. Up My Freelance Writing Rate By 50%

I’ve been complacent with my freelance writing rate since freelance writing is only one monetization strategy I have, and it’s not critical if I land a client or not. For 2021, I want to continue freelance writing on an ad hoc basis for notable brands or, at least, companies that I want to collaborate with.

By moving up the “income ladder” and narrowing down my client, I will naturally increase my rate, or if anything, it will be justified. My specialty is SEO long-form writing, but I want to get into email sequences or landing page copy for 2021.

4. Up My Instagram Game

While this isn’t a traditional writing goal, there is a lot of content creation involved with Instagram!

I’m excited to see how I will grow on this platform. For me, this is truly stepping out of my comfort zone because I’m fairly new to Instagram. As well, Instagram is unrolling new features like Reels and Guides, and as a digital marketing writer, I know being on this platform will also help me with my skill set in that industry.

At the end of the month, I will take an Instagram masterclass, and I’m looking forward to seeing how to grow my brand there. Since I’ve made this goal, I’ve already created Reels and did my first Instagram live! My plan on Instagram is to publish more consistently. This means doing daily stories, daily posts, and weekly reels.

5. Grow on Medium

I love writing on Medium, but I just haven’t been intentional on this platform in 2020. I hope to change this in 2021.

Last year I did create an unrealistic goal of growing my followers to 10k. So, for this year, I want to grow to 5k followers on Medium. I will do this by writing more consistently on this platform, writing for publications on Medium, and marketing my Medium content. If you want to learn more about my goals and past goals over the years, check out my video.

What are your writing goals for 2021? Tell me in the comments!

Elna Cain is a freelance writer for hire, consultant, & a mom to twins. She mentors new writers on her award-winning freelance writing blog

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