I’m Pivoting My Business (Because It’s Not Succeeding Anymore)

Big brands do it…and so do solopreneurs

Elna Cain


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I saw on Youtube the other day that cereal consumption is down ever since the “on-the-go” meal replacement or snack bars became more popular.

So, what did the cereal companies do? Well Kellogg’s created the Kellogg’s On the Go brand with snacks and easy-to-eat bars for busy people.

Screenshot of new products based on declining cereal consumption

After watching this Youtube video, I realized something:

No matter if you have a million-dollar company or billion-dollar company or make six figures a year as a content creator, if sales are declining, you gotta pivot.

And I’m seeing this with one of my blogs.

For a while now, I’ve gotten less affiliate sales and course sales for Twins Mommy.

Why is that?

1. My Audience Is Shifting

For the last three or more years, my most popular content had nothing to do with the courses I promote on that site or the bulk of my affiliates.

So, instead of an audience wanting to learn how to grow their blog, they wanted to learn how to make money from home (not necessarily blogging).

And, this shift has been fueld by the printable business and Etsy.

This isn’t a bad thing, but it has shown me that if I want to continue helping my audience, I have to give them what they want.

And a course on traffic or to sign up to Tailwind isn’t what they want.

2. Google Positioned Twins Mommy as a Work at Home Blog

I think in year two or three of Twins Mommy, I went full-out writing about blog traffic.

I wanted desperately to rank my topics on blogging over my work at home topics.

But, it never panned out. Sure, I have some blog topics ranking but the majority are working jobs or money making content.



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