I Made the Most Money From Medium Last Month

I’m pleasantly surprised by all of this

Elna Cain


Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

In April 2022, I made the most money I have ever made on Medium in one month since 2017, when Medium started the Medium Partner Program.

Not only that, but I also gained the most followers EVER in one month.

Let’s look at my Medium analytics to see what I’ve been doing to grow my income on Medium.

Medium Views

April 2022 Views

In April, I generated almost 10,000 views!

Let’s compare that to March’s views:

March 2022 views

Crazy, right?

It’s true, I’ve been more consistent on Medium which seems to be a HUGE help in getting more views.

I’ve also been trying to link to my other Medium posts as a way to get more people to view them, and I think that has helped a lot too (since I rarely did that before).

Here’s an example:

One thing I don’t normally do is share my Medium posts on social media, or in my newsletter.

I really want my Medium posts to circulate on Medium, and have Medium readers read my content rather than external readers.

Why? Because I don’t get income from external views. I found out my most popular Medium post has barely made me income.

In one of my posts, I share how many views I get for my most popular Medium post, and how much income I generated.



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