I Made More Money Publishing 3 Stories on Medium Than 5 Stories


Elna Cain


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Making money on Medium is so random it seems.

Sure, the more you write, the more money you should make. I proved this back in the spring.

But, the summer hit, I had to be in mom mode mostly and we had our first family road trip.

All was fun and I was enjoying being with my family.

Then came September. Twins were back in school and I was back in business.

I was busy with client work and writing on my blogs that I only published 3 stories on Medium in September.

The stories I published

When October rolled around, I put in more effort and published 5 stories.

The stories I published

For both months I only submitted two stories for publications.

In September, it was the Freelancer’s Hub and in October, it was The Startup and Illumination.

This is How Much I Made Publishing 5 Stories in October

For October, I earned a whopping, $135.13.

This is How Much I Made Publishing 3 Stories in September

And, what about September?

I earned $204.93! Almost $70 more by publishing LESS.

So, there must be other factors involved.

Perhaps September is a good month for Medium?

I’m not sure since I don’t do SEO on Medium, and I rarely share my Medium posts on social media, or with my email subscribers.

What Am I Doing Now?

I’m being random…that’s what I’m doing.

I’m publishing whenever I want. Today I wrote three stories (but published one).

I will sometimes publish stories on my profile and other times with a publication.

If Medium is going to be random with money, I will be random with publishing :-)

Blogging, for me, yields all my income so Medium is a place for me to write personal content and anything that’s on my mind.

Do you find Medium is random?



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