How to SEO Old Blog Posts

The SEO Dilemma with Old Blog Posts

Elna Cain


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We’ve all been there.

Staring at those old blog posts and pondering if we should hit the delete button. The SEO world tells us that cleaning up old content can potentially boost our site’s ranking.

But is it really that straightforward?

When Blog Posts Don’t Match Your Current Niche

When you first dive into the world of blogging, it’s tempting to write about everything and anything. It’s a space where your passions, interests, and ideas converge.

However, as you grow and find your niche, particularly if it’s in a specialized area like pregnancy, you may look back and wonder, “Why did I write about pet boarding again?”

So, what happens when you’ve been religiously blogging about one topic, but you notice there are a few unrelated posts that don’t quite fit the bill?

1. Creating New Pillars:

Using my blog, Smart Mom Ideas, as an example, it evolved from focusing strictly on pregnancy to embracing broader categories like motherhood, decor, and kids’ food.

This expansion allowed these so-called “mismatched” posts to find a home under a new pillar. Result? Google started ranking them!

2. Tweak Instead of Tossing:

Case in point — a post I wrote years ago titled, “Writing a Clear Contract as a New Freelance Writer” wasn’t gaining any traction.

So, I delved into Ahrefs to understand what keywords I was missing and adjusted the title and content accordingly. Lo and behold, it climbed to spot number three on Google!

Keeping Old Posts Alive with Fresh Content

Google loves comprehensive content.

Take, for instance, my post on gender reveal ideas. Initially, it listed 14 ideas, but why stop there?



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