3 Simple and True Ways Start a Side Hustle — So You Can Quit Your 9–5 Job for Good

Is that 9–5 job taking a toll on you? You aspire for more than sitting in a cubical all day typing up reports and filing data that’s never-ending.

If that’s you, then you are in the majority of Millennials.

More and more people are revolting against the traditional 9–5 work week for something more flexible, freeing and passion filled.

So, how do you get on this road to working at home, having a remote job so can you travel or freelancing it?

Here are four simple ways you can start your side hustle while still working your 9–5 — because you need to make sure that your hustle has a leg to stand on (and that you enjoy it!).

1. Teach Others

Online learning is a growing industry. With more and more people having access to the Internet, the potential for learning new skills, taking entire college lessons online and more, is growing and it’s projected that online learning will soon be a billion dollar industry.

If you have a teaching background or even if you love to help your girlfriend find the perfect date night outfit, you can help others online achieve the same thing.

You can do this by:

2. Help Others With a Service

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Offering a service can be a simple way to start a hustle at home.

Are you a maven with makeup?

Do you have the perfect work out routine that helped you lose the baby weight?

Or, do you know how to grow your Instagram account or understand the tech behind blogging?

Whatever it is, if you can do it — you can offer to do it for someone else.

And one of the natural things you can do is offer your writing services if you love to write.

If that isn’t your cup of joe, why not create beautiful printables as Sarah Titus does?

3. Offer Reviews

People search online on how a product or service works.

For example, what are the best everyday lipsticks?

When promoting products, a blogger can get a small commission if a reader clicks or buys what they are sharing in their post.

This is called affiliate marketing and is a popular way many bloggers earn an income.

You can write helpful posts — or focus your efforts on Youtube — on practically any product — from makeup to clothes, to cooking ware or baby products and more.

What really resonates with an audience is that you use or have tried the products and that you can vouch for their quality.

How to Get Started

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You may think there’s no time to moonlight as a life coach or social media marketing strategist when you work full-time, but here are some easy ways to start your hustle.

The first thing is finding a committed time.

You can work on your hustle:

  • Before you go to work
  • After work
  • On the weekends

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can work during naps and bedtime. This is what I did when I first started my service business.

Make sure to have a plan to quit your 9–5 for good. This means saving money each month or doing extra side jobs during the week to put aside for your hustle.

Create a deadline for when you will quit your job for good. This will make your hustle a real thing that you need to accomplish.

Finally, you have to just start!

So, is freelancing or working from home a goal you have?

Elna Cain is a freelance writer for hire, consultant, & a mom to twins. She mentors new writers on her award-winning freelance writing blog https://elnacain.com

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